>So the night is finally upon us. Maybe the biggest night TV wise that I can ever remember. OK MAYBE one of the biggest nights EVER! (Sorry, memories of birth and graduation, you can’t compete with Izzie) First things first, the Grey’s Anatomy finale was re-aired last night. Just getting me even more stoked for tonight’s measly 60 minute premiere!

I’ve thought about it and this is my plan of attack.

4:30-Leave the office, go home and do the dishes. (Sorry Rebecca)
5:30-Leave apartment, swing by the 17th Ave Mcdonalds Drive thru for a #1 combo (they know me as the martimer. Sad? Discuss.)
6:00pm Survivor “Racism Rules” Cook Islands (Thanks to the magic of satelite!)
7:00pm: Grey’s Anatomy on big screen and HD. As god intended it.
8:00pm Season premiere of “My name is Earl” and “The Office” (Thanks TIVO!)

I’ve done the math and calculations and that is what works for me.

Happy Thursday!

Mike Morrison


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