So apparently I am one of the few that stayed up and watched the entire Oscar’s ceremony. Of course it helps that on the west coast it wrapped up around 9:45pm which meant the East Coasters had to stay up close to the 1am hour.

Overall I thought the Oscars were the Oscars. A little bland, some funny moments and truly memorable ones too.

My favorite moment of the night came from Marketa Irglova who is one half of the duo that one for Best Song from their movie Once. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: this movie is amazing. It is seriously a must see. But I’m not going to lie, when Jon Stewart brought Marketa back on stage so she could say thank you it brought a tear or two to my eye. Her speech was wonderful and sincere….unlike a certain brother of the Coen nature.

As for gracious winners, Marion Cotillard definitely charmed the audience even though no one has even heard of her movie La Vie en Rose. But how can you not love someone that was as genuinely surprised and appreciative as the french actress was. La Vie en Rose is available on DVD now and sounds like it’s probably worth a viewing.

And on a side note I feel like I must talk about No Country for Old Men. Which has to be the scariest movie to win Best Picture. I mean besides Oliver. Seriously, I saw this movie yesterday afternoon and had my face covered for half of it. I’ve always had an unnatural fear of Javier Bardem but this movie just made it worse. And that gun he carries around with him through the second half of the movie? What the hell!?!?! The movie was great, I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed Kelly MacDonald who played Josh Brolin’s wife Carla. Her last scene in the movie is pretty much the definition of heart breaking.

So in case you missed it here is Marketa’s thank you speech after being brought back on stage. And don’t talk to me until you’ve seen Once.

Mike Morrison