A few months ago I wrote about Joel Plaskett putting on a contest in support of his album Scrappy Happiness.  He asked his fans to make a music video for any of the songs on the album and the video with the most ‘likes’ would a Joel Plaskett concert in their backyard!

Well, little did I know that my friends actually read this blog and when they called to say that they were going to make a video for the contest, guess who got called in to show off my sweet dance moves.  Actually, my moves are anything but sweet, but once I saw how hard Tess and Darcy had worked on the video, I knew I wanted to be involved. So, one rainy evening in Calgary, some more friends and I got together and danced our little hearts out.  I’m not saying I’d win a dance show competition, but I certainly had a blast.

Take a look at the video and if you felt so inclined to vote, that’d be AWESOME.  To vote, you just have to go to the video YouTube page and ‘like’ the video.  Yup, it’s that easy.

Voting goes until July 15th. Good luck Tess and Darcy!

Mike Morrison