So tonight, after American Idol, FOX debuted it’s newest strike influenced TV show called the Moment of Truth.

You may have heard of it? It’s a Columbian export (haha) which puts contestants on the Hot Seat, hooks them up to a polygraph and asks them intensely personal questions in front of their friends and family. Every time they answer a question truthfully they get more money. It’s the American Dream no?

At first it’s easy to say that this show is disgusting. But did you watch it?

I’m not afraid to say I did. I was so curious that I had to check it out. To me this show is really remarkable. It really messes with lives and I can’t help but wonder: “Do they deserve it?”

The thing that is interesting about this show is that contestants were asked 50 questions before the show began and then the producers than use 21 of those questions. So these contestants actually know what they about to be asked and they still go for it.

So when they get asked questions like:
“Do you love your girlfriend?”
“Have you gambled away your children’s college fund?”
“Is the reason you don’t have kids because you don’t picture being with your wife for the rest of your life?”
“Do fat people repulse you?”

What’s more disturbing is that these peoples families are sitting beside them encouraging to keep answering. Are they encouraging the answers because they really want to know or because they want the $500,000 grand prize? Maybe they are there just to try and remember where they know host Mark L. Walberg from. (It’s Temptation Island)

Either way this show is like a car wreck that you just have to at least slow the car down and take a look. And besides, it will only be on for a couple of weeks until it’s replaced, in typical FOX fashion, with House reruns anyway.

Enjoy it while you can.

Mike Morrison