>Do you ever have restless nights?

You know the ones where you doze off but then wake up only to realize only 5 minutes have passed? Well whenever I have those nights I usually toss and turn for a couple of hours and then I roll myself out of bed and stumble into the kitchen and make a list. A make a list of all the things in my head. Whether they be things to do, things I’m thinking about doing, bills I need to pay, shows I need to watch.

Tonight is one of those nights and I thought I would share said list with you:

-This Friday is my first Friday and Saturday off in Calgary since October. Be a 25 year old.

-Write Shonda Rhimes an angry letter for leaving us for the rest of the year with one of the most boring episodes of Grey’s Anatomy ever. Even the actors looked bored.

-Go see “The Orphanage” at the Uptown.

-On Monday, I will be starting my first University class in nearly 3 years. I chose a Graduate level Spanish course. Aye Carumba!

-Go to work’s Christmas party on Sunday. I can never figure out if it is really late for an xmas party or just really early.

-Spend HMV gift card. On what? Veronica Mars season 3? Planet Earth? Battlestar Gallactica? Suggestions?

-I really miss The Office.

-Plan spring vacation. Probably Maui. Wanna come Mom?

-I finally caught up on Gossip Girl. Convince Sarah and Jasper to watch it while Desperate Housewives is taking it’s long winter nap.

-Go to bed.

Mike Morrison