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Do you ever stop and wonder what the world did before the internet? Before you had Wikipedia to fact check everything. Before you had a place to post all your vacation photos. Before you could instantly receive letters from halfway around the world. I was alive during this time, but I honestly don’t know how people did it.

We got the internet…with a dial-up chord that required no phone usage for the entire evening or a second landline (landlines – who has those anymore?!), then the coveted DSL, cable, WiFi and satellite.

Now we’ve evolved to products like Shaw’s WideOpen Internet 150. It’s a new internet plan that gives you a fast speed, terabyte of data and no fees for going over. Why didn’t this exist when I was 12 and fighting with my siblings over their need to use the phone and my need to update my Geocities website!

I’m very glad it exists now – especially since I spend a very large portion of my time using the internet and data to do so many things – and not just to blog either. Let me walk you through a day in the life of Mike – using the internet for everything and loving being alive in 2016

7:10 – Wake up to my Wake N Shake alarm app

7:15 – Open phone and check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and my email for any breaking news

7:30 – Shower while listening to my current favourite Spotify playlist

8:00 – Eat breakfast, scan QR code on the back of my box of cereal and wonder why people still create and/or use QR codes

8:30 – See idea for a new story on Twitter and go down the internet rabbit hole of knowledge looking for facts

9:30 – Come out of internet rabbit hole

9:35 – Check emails

9:45 – Take a picture of my cat being majestic and post to Facebook:


10:00 – Respond to emails

10:30 – Watch the last 12 hours of people’s stories in my SnapChat

10:45 – Check emails

10:56 – Check Facebook

11:00 – Test all the new SnapChat face filters for the day, decide I don’t like them and post nothing

11:07 – Scan Twitter

11:15 – Pull up the Car2Go app to see if there are any cars near my house. There is, reserved:


11:20 – Locate car and drive to Starbucks

11:30 – Use Starbucks app to buy a coffee

11:40 – Check emails

11:42 – Scan Twitter

11:45 – Decide to walk home. Take pictures of the Bow River


12:15 – Arrive home. Filter, edit and perfect the photo of the river – post to Instagram

12:20 – Scan Instagram

12:30 – Decide to try something new for lunch. Search YouTube for a video of a famous chef making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, get lost in the YouTube vortex

1:00 – Getting hangry. Watch “The Science of the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich” video and make my lunch

1:30 – Eat sandwich

1:45 – Browse the internet for story ideas, see an ad for a awesome chair

1:50 – Check my online banking to see if I have funds to buy chair

1:55 – Purchase chair

2:10 – Regret purchasing chair

2:11 – Start to write a story

2:15 – Turn on Netflix for background noise

2:45 – Get distracted by an old episode of Friday Night Lights. There is an actor in it that I KNOW I know from somewhere…but I can’t figure it out. It is going to drive me nuts. Pull up IMDB and identify him. I can now go on with my day

3:30 – Finish story and post to blog

3:45 – Have a phone interview with someone famous. Turn on YouTube videos of cats playing with yarn to entertain my cat while I talk

3:30 – Check emails

3:35 – Post to Facebook that I just watched videos of cats playing with yarn while talking to someone famous on the phone

3:45 – Check Twitter, respond to tweets

3:50 – Business conference call

4:30 – Decide to make lasagna for dinner, Google best recipes

5:30 – Pour a glass of wine…or two

5:45 – Look for the latest season of How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix. Not yet available. Download latest episodes using iTunes

6:00 – Take a video talking about my lasagna. It looks great! Post to Instagram stories

6:15 – Check and respond to emails

6:30 – Get dressed for an event. Use Twitter to crowdsource voting on what tie I should wear. Wooden bike bowtie wins. It always does.


6:45 – Open Uber app and think about how sad it is that Calgary doesn’t have Uber

6:46 – Open Checker Cab app and order cab

7:15 – Arrive at event

8:30 – Leave event

8:50 – Arrive home

8:55 – Fact check a bunch of things people said at event on Wikipedia. Some correct, others not

9:00 – FaceTime with my Granny, she likes my tie choice

9:30 – Think of idea for new blog post

9:37 – Write blog post

9:45 – Search for a meme to post with my blog post

10:00 – Tweet about FaceTiming my Granny

10:15 – Post blog post

10:30 – Hang out with my cat

11:00 – Debate going to bed or watching one more episode of How to Get Away with Murder

11:10 – Pass out on couch

4:10 -Check Twitter.

Mike Morrison