Today is big day in Calgary! Today kicks off the first day of 2010 The High Performance Rodeo! Forever I thought this event was just another fucking stampede. But turns out this is completely different….luckily.

The High Performance Rodeo is Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts. It includes everything including, theatre, music, dance, comedy and interdisciplinary art! For the next four weeks, local, national and international performers converge on Calgary to share many of their award winning performances.
Sadly, my one man show I’m Not Bald Just Lonely, didn’t make the cut. Oh well, there is always next year.
Some of the shows I’m looking to see include: No Exit, Last Stand to Reason, Pig, Buzz Job, Blind Date, Kawasaki Exit and the 10 Minute Play Festival!
Hockey is boring. Go to the rodeo instead. Check out their website for all the details!
Do I still say yee-haw?

Mike Morrison