The coolest thing about growing up is watching all the success of the people you knew in High school. Whether those successes are buying a house, making babies or moving to the “big city” to make it big, they are all equally exciting.

So I’m so happy to see that my dear friend from High School Natalie Roy, who moved to Toronto a couple of years ago to be an actress, is starring in her first major motion picture! I got sent the trailer the other day and I’ve honestly watched it a couple of dozen times.

It’s just so surreal to see the girl that you shared your Student of The Year award with in a movie trailer. Natalie and I also did our first degrees together at University and when she becomes uber famous I will sell all of her stories to Oprah or Dr.Phil (depending on the specific story).

The movie is called The Four Horsemen. And it is about a group of friends that go over to Iraq to fight in the war. Some of them make it back and some of them don’t. Natalie plays a woman who is suddenly widowed and shares a special bond with one of the survivors. The movie isn’t a huge blockbuster and there are some cheesy lines (“live! that’s an order!!”), but the fact that she was chosen out of so many actresses for a lead role is truly inspiring.

You can check out the trailer here. (Natalie is the one that takes the flag at the funeral. You can later here her saying and crying”you are one of the bravest people I’ve ever met” and “yeah but that’s what you are, you’re a marine and marines are fighters right?

The movie is available to pre-order here
Congrats Nat! Can’t wait to see you in your next project!

Mike Morrison