American Idol Live Blog

So, it’s 9:36pm. American Idol is on one of it’s many commercial breaks and thank goodness I think I needed a break. Is it me or is this possibly the funniest American Idol ever. I know alot of people hate that they show more of the bad auditions than the good ones, but I figure, were going to be seeing alot of the good singers in the next couple of months. Bring on the William Hungs. Or in this year’s case Jewel’s stalker Jessica. Who got an alarming 7 minutes of screen time. Then there was the “Mumbler” who took a break in the middle of his audition to take get his water….then came back!

But every now and then there is Crack Baby Denise Jackson, or the “Anti-Paris Bennett”. Let’s face it, Denise would whoop that little Paris’ ass!

Also I’ve been impressed with Paula’s ability to sit up straight in her seat without falling out! You go Girl.

9:45 Why doesn’t Tashawn know there lyrics. Why are they letting t it go on for so long. For the love of God, make her stop!

Side Question: Why won’t someone put a sign on that left door! “Please use other door” It’s becoming so awkward to watch people continue to open the wrong door!

9:46 Do people “establish” themselves in Minneapolis? I’m just asking.

9:54 Dear Matthew Volna, You don’t have Carrie Underwood’s looks because she is a girl, a pretty girl. Oh and she’s talented. Your Friend, Mike.

10:05 You know the woman that sounded like the Cowardly Lion? I’m I only the one who wanted to cuddle her, or rather be cuddled by her. I don’t know why, but every time she made that growling noise, it just drove me crazy! In a good way!

10:15 Idea Alert: Tomorrow I am going to sing “Fever” to my boss and see what happens, I see only good things!

10:25: Awww. Man! That kid with the unfortunate skin is pulling on my heart strings. Surprise, I actually have them. He actually reminded me about how my parents never came to my auditions either, they would drop me off or give me cab fair. Thanks alot Daniel!

1030: The producers keep pulling the “war/soldier” card. Don’t they realize at this point this can only hinder/hurt contestants. Although Pvt. Seward has an AMAZING voice. Oh wait, they don’t love her, maybe I’m tone deaf. Did that man just slap her ass?

1035: Tonight I will have nighmares about Sarah Kreuger’s hair.

1040: Scratch that…that “Idol” stalker will now attack me in my nightmares.

10:41 Jewel is sooooooooo pretty eh?!

10:42 Did Minneapolis really did deserve 2 hours?

10:44: Who references America’s Got Talent? This kid is going to have issues, I mean on top of the ones he already has.

10:45: How terrified did Brenna (American Idol’s BFF) look! Simon, don’t piss of Brenna she will attack you. She will stalk you. Simon stop, please for all of us!

10:48 “MiniHOPELESS!” Gold.

10:50 There’s only a couple of minutes left…are the good singers coming out soon?

10:51 It’s the other door! For pete’s sake! THE OTHER DOOR!

10:56 Do you think Jewel would be my friend?

10:58: 17 Gold Tickets! That’s it!?!? Holy Moses!

10:59 Seattle is tomorrow! The worst city ever! I can’t wait!

Well that’s it, it’s all done! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Mike Morrison