>On Thursday morning the Emmy Nominations for the 2006-2007 season will be announced. If you are wondering what the heck the Emmy awards are, I am wondering why we are even friends. I kid, I kid. The Emmys are basically the Oscars for Television shows.

Everyone has their dream Emmy ballot. Who they would love to see win because they deserve to, not because their show has been on the longest or because it’s on HBO. An Emmy award or even nomination can save a show. This was proven when Arrested Development was saved from near cancellation when it won Best Comedy after its first season.

So who would I love to see get nominated this year? Well I’m glad that you asked.
I made a list! (It’s probably who won’t get nominated, but it’s called a Dream Ballot. Let a man dream will you!

Best Comedy:
-The Office
-30 Rock
-How I Met Your Mother
Sad Note: Two and Half Men will get nominated because it’s the highest rated comedy. No joke!

Best Drama
-Grey’s Anatomy
-Lost (based on the 2nd half alone)
-Veronica Mars (remember-DREAM BALLOT)
-Brothers and Sisters (I only watched the last 5, but damn it was good!)
-umm…I got nothing.

Best Actress (Drama):
-Kristen Bell-Veronica Mars
-Elizabeth Mitchell-Lost
-Yunjin Kim-Lost
-Sandra Oh-Grey’s Anatomy
-Felicity Huffman-Desperate Housewives
I wanted to say Chandra Wilson, also from GA, but honestly do you remember one thing Dr. Bailey did this year? I didn’t think so.

Best Actor (Drama)
-Keifer Sutherland -24 (The season sucked, he still kicked ass)
-Mathew Fox-Lost
-Terry O’Quinn-Lost
-T.R Knight-Grey’s Anatomy
-Dominic Monaghan-Lost

Best Actress (Comedy)
-Julia Louis Dreyfess –The Old Adventures of New Christine
-Jenna Fischer-The Office
-Sarah Chalke-Scrubs
-Tina Fey 30 Rock
-Sarah Silverman-The Sarah Silverman Program

Best Actor (Comedy)
-Steve Carrell The Office
-John Krasinski -The Office
-Alec Baldwin-30 Rock
-Zach Braff-Scrubs
-Tracy Morgan -30 Rock

Mike Morrison