Wow.  Did I just take a break from Mike’s Bloggity Blog?  Yikes.  I kinda feel bad because I think it is the first time in four years that I left the blog so unattended. But at the same time, I kinda think it’s exactly what I needed!  Let’s be honest, there isn’t a ton going on in the internet world during the holidays and the last thing you need to see is yet another post from someone with a Top Ten List or New Year’s Resolutions.

So I got on a plane, watched a ton of stupid movies and finally landed in New Brunswick. If doctors actually prescribed doing nothing as a form of feeling rejuvenated, I would have taken an extra strength dose of it.

Usually when I go home, I bring my laptop and let my family talk to me while type, type type away but this year felt a little different.  I flew in to New Brunswick, set down my bags and did something I rarely do:  spell check….errr… I mean relaxed.   To say it was amazing would be an understatement.  At one point I compared my relaxation to the excitement I would feel if The Rankin Family showed up at my birthday party and sang Fare Thee Well.

As always, Fredericton is a great place to go home to.  Over my short eight day stay, I emceed my ten year high school reunion, went to the most glamorous New Year’s Eve wedding, sat on my parent’s couch a lot, was dragged by my nephew and niece to Gulliver’s Travels and then forced them to watch the Toy Story trilogy until all memories of Jack Black were erased. I also spent time with my amazing 15 year old lab Moosehead and even ran into 2011 Grammy nominee Measha Brueggergosman!

But like Toy Story 3, all great things must come to an end. So here I am.  Back in Calgary doing what I love.  If 2010 is going to be anything like 2011, you’re going to want to keep up!

Happy  New Year!

Mike Morrison

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  1. Happy New Year Mike!!!! I missed you but I knew you were having fun at the ole homestead.


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