>Ever since I got TIVO I can honestly say I hardly ever watch DVDs anymore. But every now and then a movie comes out that didn’t do so well at the box office and I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure that you catch it the 2nd time around on DVD. Today the movie is HOT FUZZ. If you a person that absolutly loved Shaun of the Dead this movie is definitley for you.

When i saw this movie back in April I made sure I saw it with my one friend with a British accent, you know for authenticity sake. To this day everytime we see eachother we talk about how great and funny this movie is.

You know how everyone laughs different ways? Sometimes we chuckle or snicker. But depending on how funny something is it might even bring out our “ugly laugh”? You know the one that you wish you could control but really there is no possible way you can but in the end you don’t care because it is just that funny and the only real way to express the humor is to haul out the “ugly laugh”?

Well when you are watching Hot Fuzz, and you will watch it, get your ugly laugh ready because this story about London’s best cop who gets transferred to what might look like England’s safest/boring town is 2 hours of “ugly laugh” material.

Featuring an all star British cast, including the two stars/writers of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is honestly one of the funniest, exciting and suprisng movies of the year.

So if you are stuck in side on a rainy day, looking for 3rd date material (watch the ugly laugh) or just trying to get out of the heat, rent/buy Hot Fuzz. You will not regret it!

Plus: Worse comes to worse, you’ll get your English Accent ear training for when you go to the newly announced Spice Girls concert in Vancouver. (Damnit Erin why did you have to move!?)

Mike Morrison