>So my friend emailed me a pop culture question. I did my best to answer it, and feel maybe this might be a secret calling of mine!

Question:… so, The Descent … a horror movie (popular genre) … excellent reviews (83% on rottentomatoes) … why did it do so poorly at the box office?? ~Rodger

Hey Friend, failure at the box office is relative. The studio paid like $10 million for it, so really it did all right. There are several reasons that it wasn’t a huge success. Most movies in August don’t do that well. It also has a completly unknown cast. Horror movies do well when they are part of a series/Franchise (Freddy vs. Jason) or remakes(The Ring, The Grudge). Or if they have developed a cult following (ie Blare Witch). Most horror movies don’t make more then $50million. Compared to some movies The Decsent did great. (Stay Alive, The Pulse)

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On Monday night be sure to watch the Premiere episode of Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip. Its created my Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) and stars Matthew Perry (Friends) Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) and Amanda Peet (Identity, The Whole Nine Yards.) She has recently announced she is pregnant so lets keep this woman employed!

Mike Morrison