Every now and then you just need to get away. Whether it is to a far off destination or just a quick jaunt from the city. After a stressful week of watching tv and….no, yeah thats all I did, some friends and I decided to take advantage of the hotel discounts I get and take off to the mountains. So my roomate (Rebecca), my friend (Matt) and my cousin (Leslie) took off for the maybe the funnest 24 hours I can remember. We spent our weekend at the Banff Springs Hotel being called by our last names and pretty much getting treated like royalty. We ate extravagant foods, (Pigs hunt Truffles!) got lost in the castle and even watched the Elk play soccer. Although it was a short trip, it was exactly what we all needed! I love part time job discounts.

Our castle was awaiting us!

Rebecca and I at Lake Johnstone

This is our camp picture.
When I went to camp in the summer of “69” never did I think I
would be the people that would change my life” (HaHa!)

Daquiries + Heated outdoor pool = Heaven

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Mike Morrison


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