This weekend, while in Vancouver for some “meetings”, I decided to check out Make It Vancouver. This was an arts and crafts-type show, but also included a ton of clothing lines and even chocolate!  The best was that all the products sold were made by Vancouver-area artists.  Sure they were a little pricey, but at least you knew where the money was going, (and it wasn’t to sweatshops in China).

One of my favourite purchases was from You’ll have to take a look at her site to get a real idea of her sense of humor, but let’s just say it was very similar to mine.  I only bought one Mother’s Day card on Saturday, but I’m definitely going to pick up some stuff on her website.  She does free shipping, so if you are looking to tell your mother how you really feel, or wanna break up with your wife on her birthday, then Hug and Kissed Designs might be for you!

If you don’t live in Vancouver, don’t fret, just take a look at the Make It website, the fair will also be happening in May in Edmonton and November in Calgary.

Mike Morrison

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  1. The Paperroot Studio in Market Mall and the iappeal stores carry some of her line. Mostly just cards and magnets.

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