In the Motherhood premieres on ABC and I couldn’t be happier.  Sure this show is supposed to be for people with ovaries, but I’ll ignore because I was such a fan of the online version of this show. 

Of course it sucks that none of the original cast members like Chelsea Handler, Leah “I love science fiction…as a religionRemini and Jenny McCarthy aren’t full cast members but Megan Mullaly will do nicely.   Plus Chelsea has got a ton on her plate right now (check out Out is Through for more on that).
The trailers for this comedy look pretty funny, plus the show is being paired with the always funny and much missed Samantha Who which FINALLY returns tonight.  But looks aren’t always everything and if the show does end up sucking more than explosive diarrhea, check out the online shorts which have always amused me!

Mike Morrison

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