>I’ve spent some time this week catching up with old friends and hearing about all their great projects. One of those people is my friend Travis Grant and his partner (in film, not love) Davin Tong. Together they produce short films under the production company of Gradual Upgrade.

Now lots of my friends post crazy stuff on youtube all the time, but what’s really impressive about Graduale Upgrade is that they have now converted a lot of their videos into HD. On top of that, they videos have been quietly and slowly developing a massive and loyal audience.

One of their videos was posted on Saturday and it was already the #1 rated and most discussed comedy video in Canada. Insane! Talk about representing Fredericton. Both Travis and Davin are Vancouver film school grads and they are really using the internet and their creative talents to make a name for themselves.

One of my favorite clips is called Chew on This. It is both hilarious and mind numbingly annoying at the same time.

Well done Gradual Upgrade you are just like Paris Hilton.

Mike Morrison