I know I don’t talk about video games very much but I am secretly a gamer.  I never travel without my DS and I am trendy enough to own a Wii!

Granted, I have exactly one game for my Nintendo Wii, which I have owned since my “screw you recession” efforts in January.  And as exciting as Guitar Hero III (with Slash Guitar) is, I’ve grown tired of rocking out with my….well, you know. I don’t even own a Wii Fit. Okay fine, I am a very bad Wii owner!

That’s why I’m so pumped that Nintendo will coming out with some new Mario games in the next couple of months.  The guys are The Review Crew are down at the big E3 conference this week and they have been trying out all the games. I have no idea what the E3 conference is but I’m pretty sure there are lots of virgins there.
Anyway, the two Mario games coming out are called Super Mario Brothers Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2.  I’ve played the first Galaxy a couple of times and loved it. I never got around to buying it because I knew the sequel was coming.  
Super Mario Brothers Wii looks like the pretty basic Mario which we’ve all come to love.  Which means it will be perfect for me.  The simpler the better. Check out the review of the game after just two levels on The Review Crew.
Galaxy 2 looks like it was made while riding the Gravatron.  But it still looks great and if it’s like the first one, is going to be a really fun and challenging game.

Mike Morrison