You still have one more day to enter my Delta Good Neighbors contest! In case you forgot, I’m giving away two weekend stays at any Delta in Canada! To find out how to enter, click here.

I’ve been getting so many great submissions about people’s good neighbours, I’ve been feeling all warm inside. Since there seems to be so many great people out there, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some of their stories!

“On the first day that we moved in he brought us flowers and told us all about the neighbourhood and just… made us feel welcome!” -Maddie

“The good neighbour asked me so kindly if I wanted him to beat the shit out of said ex-husband. I graciously declined, but it was nice to have the offer.” -Liz

“(My car broke down) and I don’t have a cell phone so I had to go knock on the door and see if I could borrow someone’s phone. A man said I could borrow his but he wanted to come take a look at it.”-Lauren

“I’ve got a good neighbour. When he was driving drunk and crashed into our fence he helped my husband fix it!” -Erin

“I have a kind neighbour who always has a nice word for the kids. He checks the mail for us when we are away and shovels before we come home.” -Shonna

If you have a good neighbor, let me know and you could win!!!!

Mike Morrison


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