Looks like it is time to haul out my tap shoes again!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada just announced two new audition dates for their newest season.
Leah Miller and Co. will checking out Halifax dancers on March 6th and Calgary area dancers on March 13th.
I’ve heard that both of these cities have had really low turn outs in the past, so if you haven’t auditioned yet, these are the places to do it. Your odds are probably a LOT better than in some of the bigger cities.
In case your wondering, the auditions for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have all already taken place.
For more information about the auditions, go to the So You Think You Can Dance Canada website!
Speaking of Leah, it was also announced that she has joined the Etalk team as a correspondent. Hmmm Ben Mulroney is on Etalk and hosted Canadian Idol and now Miller is doing the same. Someone at CTV went to the Synergy Weekend Workshop!

Mike Morrison