>So the other day I was telling my roommate about my new favorite shows, she went along with it for awhile and then she posed a very good question: “Mike, Don’t you already watch enough TV ?!?”

Twenty minutes later, when I stopped laughing, I realized she wasn’t joking. But she had left the apartment already, so I thought I’d write about them here.

I already mentioned how much I like Drive, but apparantly I’m the only one, because the ratings for it sucked the big one.

My other new favorite show is the The Sarah Silverman Program. I discovered this treasure after my TIVO taped it on my behalf. Shaking off the fact that my TIVO can practically read my mind I settled in to watch the show and it was so HILARIOUS. I’m talking dressing up in a giant cupcake costume and dancing in front of your middle school hilarious! (true story….ugh).

For those of you who’ve never heard of Sarah Silverman you are missing out. She is probably the funniest gals out there. She is probably best known as the bitchy girlfriend in School of Rock, but she wasn’t even funny in that. I fell in love with her in the short lived series Greg The Bunny.

I was so pumped when the Comedy Network here in Canada decided to carry it. It’s on Thursday nights at 11:30pm. Which, i know, is super late. But trust me it is so awesomely offensive that it couldn’t be on any earlier. I’m not sure when it airs on Comedy Central in the States, but either way track it down and watch it.

I found a “best of” clip of the first episode. (which I have watched 3 times already.) If you are watching it in a public area turn the volume down, it is SUPER offensive, but perhaps the greatest thing ever put to film. Oh if you are reading this on my facebook feed, click here to go to my blog and see the video!

Happy Friday!

Mike Morrison

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  1. WOW!The wedding pieurtcs are AMAZING!!!!You are sooooo talented.Thank you for your gift of capturing every single moment of two people in such love. You truly have a gift and should feel very proud of yourself. Thank you. Mother of the bride Marian

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