>In my 4th ( unfortunatly not final year of University), I came up with an idea. I sometimes felt that I didn’t appreciate life’s little things. So I came up with “The Moment of the Day”. At first it was verbal. I would say ” Oh that is a total moment of the day!” But I would never remember them. So I began to write them down in just a little scribbler. Which I have since left in Fredericton, when I made the move across the country. Since being out here, I seem to have been faced with challenge after challenge. Not epic challenges, just ones that are part of growing up. So I have been thinking more and more about the moment of the day. And today, I have decided to re-hash the idea, but instead make it interactive. Share with you all (ie. Brad) What has been going on all around me.

What classifies the moment of the day?: A hilarious moment, an awkward moment, a great moment (see:momentous). A life changing moment. A sad moment. (Try to limit the sad moments, but if they are real, they are your moments.

Rules: You can say that something is a MOTD, but you can certainly change you mind. But by the end of the day, you can only have one! Write it down or post it!

I guess Oprah did something like this a couple of years ago, but this is far less preachy. Moments of the day (MOTD) are meant to be just, a quick jolt!

Feel free to put your own moment of the day in the comments. When I go home next, I’ll grab that book and post my old comments.

By the way you “Grey’s” and “Veronica”. My friend Anne sent me two sexy (see:great) links.
They are online radio stations that only play music from my favorites two shows soundtracks.

http://www.live365.com/stations/apmkk2 (Grey’s Anatomy)

http://www.live365.com/stations/apmkk (Veronica Mars)

Mike Morrison