>7 Things You Should Know About a Mobile concert!

1. Always make sure you read the “Wear Black Memo and wear a scarf”.  As a fan, it’s more important than you might think.
1.5. If it says Banana Republic on it, don’t wear it.  Lesson learned.
2. If Bono and Brandon Flowers from The Killers developed ovaries and had a baby it would sound just like Mobile’s Mat Joly.  And that’s a good thing.  To quote American Idol: “That boy can blow”.
3. I think any band that can pull any semblance of a crowd on a Tuesday night deserves respect.
4. Mobile fun fact: Did you know they are the only band to top MuchMusic’s top 30 twice with the same song, 2006’s Out of My Head.
5. 20 minutes in you’ll realize that you’ve never given this Canadian band the credit they deserve.  You’ll also realize that you know more of their singles then you think you do.
6.  The backalley was an awful venue for the band.  And I’m not just saying that because drinks were $5.75 on a Tuesday night.  The venue was just too big.  Mobile would have been better suited for a place like the Warehouse.
7. I cannot get Hit The Floor out of my head!
8.  If you are a fan of Mobile you are in luck because it was obvious that the band appreciated it’s small but loyal group of fans.
Mobile will continue their tour west, continuing in Vancouver for the Junos.
27 Mar -Vancouver, British Columbia
28 Mar -Victoria, British Columbia
29 Mar - Nanaimo, British Columbia
1 Apr - Fort St John, British Columbia
2 Apr -Grande Prairie, Alberta
3 Apr - St. Albert, Alberta
4 Apr - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
6 Apr- Sault St. Marie, Ontario
10 Apr- London, Ontario
18 Apr - Kitchener, Ontario

Mike Morrison


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