I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I was in Toronto for last year’s MMVAS!  Man how time flies when you’re having fun!  For a variety of reasons I wasn’t able to make it to this year’s biggest music awards, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live blog…from my couch…in my pajamas…with boxed wine.

Red Carpet ReCap: It’s guaranteed that the Red Carpet always provides some of the coolest entrances. No matter how hard they try, the American shows definitely lose in creativity compared to the MMVAs big entrances!  Some things I noticed right away: The font that Muchmusic is using is ridiculously tiny, I thought it was just me, but people were saying it on twitter too.  That means I can avoid the optometrist for yet another year.

Did anyone else notice how quiet and chill  VJ Sarah Taylor was?  I mean I know she’s being it for a long time, but she was so quiet, I thought maybe we were hearing her inner-thoughts, it also felt odd because the excitement of the red carpet was all but lost on the network’s most senior VJ.  Most of the red carpet guests were thinking the same thing, I started a drinking game called, “I can’t hear you.”  I think she’s a great person, but it might be time to jump ship and join the ETalk train.

Some of the awards that were handed out on the Red Carpet included: Indie Video of the Year went to “This Time” by JDiggz, MuchLOUD Rock Video of the year was won by Abandon All Ships, (whose speech got cut short and weren’t allowed to thank anyone!) Sean Wainstein won Director of The Year for You Say Party’s Lonely’s Lunch.  Danny Fernandes f. Belly won for Post Production of The Year!

Live Show!

7:00pm: Lady Gaga opens the show and what seems to be her most reasonable outfit ever!  Call it the Degrassi-effect?

7:03pm: Correction, this is Lady Gaga‘s most subtle performance ever! No blood!  No exploding titties.  Come on Gaga, give us something!

7:05pm: Thousands of teens at once just said: “That’s it?”

7:06pm Up next ‘Far East Movement‘.  Please refer to this blog next year when you try to remember them.

7:09pm: So far the opening of the show seems pretty bland, by MMVA standards.

7:10pm: Never mind, SNOOP DOG!

7:11pm:  Okay, I can already tell that I’m being cynical.  Maybe I’m more bummed out that I’m missing than I thought I would be, regardless, I’m still blaming a lackluster Gaga and a right on par (for them) Far East Movement.

7:12pm:  I’m going to be honest, Selena Gomez gives me hope for the next generation.  God I hope I didn’t jinx her.

7:13pm: Selena just re-assured the audience that Lady Gaga will indeed be back for a second performance.  That also gives me hope.

7:14pm Colin Farrel is welcomed to the stage to present International Video of The Year By A Canadian.  Colin begrudgingly gives the award to both DRAKE and Justin Bieber! It’s a tie folks! Please note, Colin seems to do everything begrudgingly.

7:22pm Kat Graham breaks some HUGE news, “Canada is AMAZING.”

7:23pm Down with Webster‘s performance is so far the highlight, despite some audio problems, this super-group has always been able to put on HUGE shows, tonight is no exception.   The street side stage looks awesome.

7:28pm Make It Or Break It’s Cassie Scerbo has the honour of presenting International Video of The Year to Lady Gaga!

7:30pm: Complete with a quick change and hair extentions, Gaga thanks MuchMusic and her co-director Laurieann Gibson (She’s Canadian too!)

7:36pm Australian Justin Bieber Cody Simpson made the long commute to announce FeFe Dobson‘s performance of Stutterin’.  Now I saw FeFe almost one year ago today and she is looking a LOT better than she did back then. Phew!

7:40pm  FeFe shocks the crowd by…performing in the back of a car?  Is this homage to Rebecca Black?

7:42pm: International Video Group goes to Far East Movement and their song Like A G6.

7:50pm:  90210’s Trevor Donovan comes up next, if he looks a little annoyed, it’s probably because he’s not coming back to 90210 next year. Yeah, it’s a little awkward.

7:51pm: FeFe Dobson wins UR Fave Video award!

7:55pm  One of the network’s newest VJ’s Lauren Totoya chats with Danny Fernandes and reminds me how much I like her.  While the others seem to be stiff and nervous, Lauren looks like she’s a ease with the big crowds and handling off-the-fly conversations.  More of her please!

7:56pm The Black Keys shows some of the bands how it’s done.  You don’t need fancy pyrotechnics when you are just that good.  More of them too please.

8:00pm Avril Lavigne kicks of the show’s second hour with her so-so single “What The Hell.”  Most of the audience was in diapers when Avril first broke out on to the scene, I’d love to know what that generation thinks of her?

8:08pm Degrassi’s Munro Chambers introduces Simple Plan, singing their new song JetLag.  FeFe Dobson fills in for Natasha Bedingfield.

8:13pm  My favourite Canadian rapper Classified announces that Lady Gaga wins UR Fav International Artist.  And yes, she wears a different outfit again.  Also, I like living in a world where Lady Gaga and Classified know about each other.

8:15pm  She really does know how to give a good speech, doesn’t she!

8:21pm: MMVA co-host sings her new hit “Who Says”, I’m only partially embarrassed to say how much I love this song.  I know, I know, I’m not necessarily her demographic, but holy hell do I love a catchy tune.

8:24pm: Mariana’s Trench introduces City and Colour…Dallas deserves better.

8:25pm: Excuse me as I just sit and enjoy.

8:31 David Guetta presents HipHop Video of the Year to Classified!  Wow!  Lady Gaga! David Guetta and an MMVA all in one night.  This might be a life highlight for Canada’s coolest white rapper since Snow!

8:37pm: Johnny Galecki and Selena chat about their geeky history…yeah, I got nothing.

8:38pm!  Bruno Mars!  Finally!!!

8:39pm: Bruno, thanks for spicing up your song with a little pizzazz. I wish you had come on sooner.  Such a star.

8:42pm: Bruno Mars literally lulled me into a state of calm and relaxation. Ahhh.

8:43pm: Sean Desman wins Video of The Year!  No, it’s not 1999.  I’ve been a converted Sean Desman fan so I’m totally stoked.  Well deserved!

8:49pm:  Nina Dobrev cracks a Vancouver joke, the funniest of the night.  Again, not saying much.  (Can I please write for these awards next year?!)

8:50pm After some awkward banter with Dobrev (“Bitch!), Ian Somerhalder announces that Justin Bieber wins UR Fav Artist.  Selena is still on the stage, which is fun because that means the four people on stage right now are all in relationships with each other!

8:54pm Lady Gaga returns for final performance and she brought the giant egg with her.

8:56pm With the shows final minutes getting closer and closer, Gaga is finally able to wake up the show and the crowd!    Now there’s the Gaga we know and love!

8:57pm  She closes out the show by having mud poured on her.  It’s like ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’ but grosser.

8:59pm!  And ladies and gentlemen that closes out the show!  The MMVAS are done for another year!  What did you think?  Who stole the show?

See you next year!

Mike Morrison


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