If you are in the Winnipeg-area and you like to watch strangers in bikinis then you are going to want to make your way down to the Fairmont Hotel tonight!

The much talked about Miss Manitoba pageant, correction The Miss Manitoba pageant will be taking place tonight with all the normal rounds like interviews, on-the-spot questions, evening gown and the always controversial swimsuit competition.

But this is where the pervies are going to want to pay attention, this will be the first and only year the Winnipeg pagaent will have a swimsuit competition because next year, it will be replaced with fitness-ware. “Why do I have to compete in one if I never have to wear one in public?'” said Shannon Smadella, Miss Canada 2009.

Sorry pervies you are going to have to get your rocks off elsewhere. I guess unless you are a fitness-ware perv, but for the most part, I don’t think most of you are.

All this means is that next year’s winner will be go to Miss Canada competition wth her head held high and this year’s winner?  Not so much. pagaent will go on to compete for the title of Miss Canada.

Mike Morrison