Shit. I totally screwed up.

Last week I was supposed to talk about the totally cool new show called Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures that airs on Movie Central and HBO Canada.
It debuted on Sunday night and like a total douche, I completely forgot to talk about. Bad Canadian blogger, bad!
If you did miss the debut, I’m going to catch you up anyway. Why? Because you can watch the first full episode on The Movie Network’s website, that is why. Click here to watch it. Five points if you do it at work. If watching shows online isn’t your thing, they’ll be re-airing the episode all week too!
Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures follows the lives of three young doctors as they navigate medical school, residency and their first years as emergency room doctors. The show stars Byron Mann, who plays a budding ER doctor hiding a sea of conflicted emotions.
The show itself is an eight-part, one-hour drama series based on the Scotiabank Giller Award-winning set of interconnected short stories written by Vincent Lam. It also stars Shawn Ashmore and Erik Canuel.
Here is a trailer for the show:

You can also read a review and interview with the cast by visiting Blog Critics.

Mike Morrison