Topic: A Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
I’m so bloody happy that is this movie is finally opening.  Not because I feel like wasting $13 to see it, because I won’t.  I’m happy because for the past two months it seems that the cast of this sure to be summer blockbuster has been everywhere and not in a good way!  Whether it’s popping up on Idol, special promos during 30 Rock or just the constant commercials every where you look.
It sorta reminds me of a slutty girl writing a blog about how slutty she is, even though she has never been with someone.  Don’t advertise that you are this great summer movie and when you obviously aren’t.  It’s like you have something to hide….like being a virgin.
So open up already and get off of my TV screens!  Goodbye to you Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Amy Adams.  Good luck in the cineplex’s, I hope I don’t see you until the inevitable sequel to the sequel in two to three years.

Mike Morrison