In the past couple of years, the idea of Mo-vember has really become popular. If you haven’t heard of it, mo-vember is when guys grow mustaches, often to raise money or awareness for prostate cancer. And this year is no different, in the past couple of weeks, I have noticed mustaches everywhere, by the thousands. It’s becoming a little overwhelming. But it’s so great that so many guys have really taken this on, as their way of fighting the killer disease.

However, I can’t help but have a slight problem with it. Let’s be honest, rarely does someone look good with a mustache. Realizing this is the point of the fundraising initiative, the problem I have is with the people who are foolish enough to have just mustache outside of the eleventh month of the year. These people, who are obviously far-removed from normal society, are getting a free pass. And it throws everything off. How are we supposed to know who is creepy and who isn’t. How am I supposed to find guys for my friends that are looking for boyfriends when they all look like they are extras in a bad 80’s movie? Couldn’t the fundraising drive been called goatee-vember. Or beard-evember? That’s facial hair that I can get behind.
And it’s not just creepy guys getting away with it. Don’t even get me started on those teenage boys that haven’t realized that the hair above their lip, isn’t just going to disappear. Now these kids fit in with a group of people, that they have no right fitting in with. I guess, I wish I had been afforded that same opportunity.
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image courtesy of badmustaches.com

Mike Morrison