>There has been a lot of bad press about Ticketmaster lately.  Whether it’s the rumor that they hold tickets to sell later at a premium price or the fact that there service charge is now over $10.  Either way, I haven’t really been effected by the ticket giant.

Until this weekend….
Pre-sale tickets for Coldplay in Calgary went on sale on Friday and unfortunately I was on the road, so luckily my blogger buddy Megan offered (or was forced) to try and get tickets for me.  Even though she was the there the second they went on sale they all sucked worse than Heroes after season one.
“No worries, I’ll just wait until Saturday and try again.”  So there I was on Saturday morning, I had already eaten my Froot Loops and was ready to get me some kick-ass Coldplay tickets.  I was logged into my account, the screen came up and I went searching for tickets.  Almost immediately 2 seats in the 10th row on the floor opened up.  AMAZING.  I selected them and proceeded with the payment process.  Since I had already entered my information before all I had to do was click purchase.  But when I did, a message immediately  popped up on my screen “Ticketmaster cannot process this request.  Please try again”, and then it kicked me out.
Of course by the time I went back the entire show was sold out.
Obviously I’m pissed, not only am I not going to No Doubt because I’ll be home when they are playing, now I won’t be going to Coldplay because of a server error.  Awesome.  But I’m trying to sweat the small stuff.  That is why I waited a day to write this. My original post looked like a Tarantino script.  This is way nicer.
So screw you ticket master, I hope you lose all those cases against you…unless you have some coldplay tickets you just want to give me….or whatever.
Deep Breath, Deep Breath.

Mike Morrison