To steal a tone of voice from Chandler Bing:

Could there be any more types of lime beer?
Seriously, it’s reached a near pandemic level not seen since the nation was obsessed with Thai-Bo. But, for someone reason, I can’t help but loving lime beer!
I know, I know, it’s no different than every other beer out there, except that it has lime juice in it, but I’m a sucker for summer marketing, especially one that prevents me from getting lime juice in my eye, when I’m trying to squeeze the lime in to the head of the bottle. Yeah, I’m talking to you Corona.
My lime beer of choice right now is Miller Lite Lime. It’s so freaking good, if I could pour it on my daily bowl of Lucky Charms, I probably would. Apparently the American version of Miller Lite Lime, has salt in it, but sadly the potentially yummy combo of salt and lime didn’t make it through the border patrols.
Either way, I’m a fan. Especially now that it’s a long weekend! Hope you have a great one by the way!!!

Mike Morrison