I’m hope it is okay, but I’ve decided to use my blog as a place to solve a particular moral dilemma that I’m currently facing. Two friends and I (me?) rent a beautiful townhouse here in downtown Calgary. A couple of weeks ago, the owner decided to put it up for sale. He ensures that it has to be sold as a rental, so we haven’t anything to worry about.

Then tonight, the real estate agent came by and asked if I knew how to get ahold of our neighbor, (that owns the other half of the town house.) I asked why and he said that he had someone interested in the entire property, so he could tear it down and build condos. I instantly lied and said that I couldn’t get ahold of the neighbor. He gave me his card and asked me to pass the message along to her and implied there was a lot of money involved.
I said sure, took his card, closed the door. Walked by the garbage, threw his card away and opened a bottle of wine.
Now, I can’t help but feel bad that I’m screwing my neighbour out of a lot of money. But at the same time, I have the opportunity to stand up to stupid greedy Calgary developers who tear down every house they see. Now sure, me throwing the card away is a temporary fix. But maybe it is also a small victory for nice houses everywhere.
End rant.

Mike Morrison