Don’t you hate when a youtube video can show you how talentless you actually are?

That’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw one of Mike Tompkin‘s videos.  Hailing all the way from London, Ontario he’s been producing amazing music videos without hardly ever using an instrument.  Instead he has re-created some of the hottest songs using just his voice, mouth and naturally a tambourine.  It is seriously crazy.

Here is one of his videos that has already amassed more than 75,000 views!

Halfway through you totally forgot there were no instruments didn’t you? See I told you: CRAZY. How talentless do you feel right now?  Come on, admit it. This guys makes you feel like shit.

His Fireflies video is even cooler:

I hope he is paying whoever is helping make those videos because they are so kick-ass. It is so cool seeing how technology has become so accessible and hopefully it will make the professionals up-their-game!

So wanna know how Mike Tompkins does it?

He’s even posted a video showing how he does it!  So so cool!

Mike Morrison


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