The Slave Lake town library was destroyed in the wildfires. Photograph by: Rick MacWilliam

Since my last column seven days ago, Alberta has changed.   It was last Sunday that the town of Slave Lake was practically wiped off the map by a wildfire and at the same time, I saw an entire province come together like never before. News reports from around the world talked the generosity of this province and that agencies were actually overwhelmed by the donations.

That amazed me.

This week’s column talks about the kindness of Albertans and how some of us, especially me, can do way more.  It’s probably not smart to talk about how I think I could be more charitable, but I wanted to be honest.  Maybe it’s watching the families of Slave Lake figure out how they are going to live day to day, but I can honestly say that rarely has a tragedy felt more personal.

So this week’s column is a little more serious than usual, but sometimes it’s good to be serious, keeps things in perspective.  Also, watching Oprah non-stop has obviously messed with my head the last few days.  I need a drink. Or twelve.

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Mike Morrison