A couple of months ago I discovered this amazing site called 52mixtapes.com. Essentially, it’s an old-school callback to the amazingness that once was mix tapes.  Yes, in this day in age, the fun of making personalized playlists for people has certainly lost a lot of its excitement.  I can remember spending hours going through my older sister’s CDs and making tape after tape after tape.  I don’t know who exactly who I was making tapes for, but we would play them in our parents’ car and silently await for their approval.

52 Mix Tapes is trying to bring back that magical feeling cassette tapes used to bring us, but in a modern iPod-generation sorta way.  Every week, the site’s creator Tyler asks someone to make their own mix tape. The lucky person gets to give the “tape” a name and make the playlist (Two sides, 30 minutes per.)  Then you have to create the cover art and write the liner notes.

The site then takes your choices and makes a digital mix tape that you can then stream anytime you want!


This week, I got to be the lucky mixtape maker and I wanted to recall all the great pop music that I grew up listening to. Of course, I’m using the word ‘great’ as something that is up for your interpretation, just cause I think it’s great, I’m pretty much certain that that means you won’t.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, you’ll have to check out the mix tape yourself, but it was such a fun exercise in remembering what music was important to you, and I was even more surprised by all the flashbacks that came back to me as I poured over Rick Dees charts.  Oh and yes, that’s me on my album cover.  (Somebody had to do it, might as well be me, right?)

You can click here to hear my mixtape, and then play around on the site, there is a TON of amazing music to found.

Love. This. Site.

Mike Morrison