Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this when I’m in a sorta bad mood.
But fuck you Coke Zero.
Ugh, I hate swearing. But I feel it is like bringing wine to work, there is a time and place for everything.
Here is what’s going on:
So I found this fun Facebook application that is sponsored by Coke Zero. Basically it scans your Facebook photos and then find your Facebook match.
Not like a love match or anything like that, but your face-match. Basically someone that looks like you.
I was bored and kinda drunk on Thursday night, so I thought why the hell not.
Thinking it would probably come up with someone I was related to, or a photo from the Moby fan club, I wasn’t too concerned.
But what I wasn’t prepared for was this:

What the hell is this nonsense?

Ali Nieman?

Seriously coke zero? You think I look like this girl? A girl? Really? Who the hell is running this operation, my high school hockey team? This is complete BS. And what about that poor Ali. Coke Zero thinks she looks like a bald guy, with reverse eating disorder who is attempting to grow facial hair! Harsh.

This totally and obviously killed my buzz. Can someone else please try this. I need to know that it doesn’t work. I need to know that I don’t look like someone who is looking to play a serious game of Girl Talk.
Happy (sigh) Friday!

Mike Morrison