A few weeks ago I found out that I was lucky enough to be chosen to speak at the Pecha Kucha, which if you’ve never heard of, it’s okay.  I actually went to my first Pecha Kucha event only a few months ago!

Devised in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha Nights are now taking place in almost 450 cities around the world. Drawing their name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat,” It’s a format that makes presentations concise and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.  Essentially it’s a presentation style that forces its presenters to get right to the meat and potatoes of the subject matter, which this week is the word reclaim.   The challenge to the presenters is this:  Give a presentation using only 20 slides, each slide can only be up for 20 seconds, which means the best (or worst presentation is done is 6:40.)  It’s been a little stressful trying to get everything together and keep it until the alotted time, but it’s also been a lot of fun.  I think the slides are cool and I hope people will be fun.

So if you find yourself in the Calgary-area this Wednesday, Pecha Kucha #10 will be taking place at the John Dutton Theatre in the Central Library. Doors at 6:30pm, event at 7:00pm.
Here is the list of speakers, I seriously have no idea how I ended up on it.  So impressive.

  • Kathleen Bell, Communications Officer, Calgary Counselling Centre
  • Lorna Crowshoe, Aboriginal Issue Strategist, Social Policy and Planning, City of Calgary
  • Brian Johns, Wildlife Biologist
  • Ben Millen, Board of Directors, The New Gallery/John Snow House
  • Jesse Moffatt, Manager of Collections and Artifact Care, Cantos Music Foundation
  • Mike Morrison, Blogger/Writer
  • Gene Poole, Calgary Cassette Preservation Society
  • Dr. Roger Saint-Fort, Associate Professor and Chair, Mount Royal University Department of Environmental Science
  • Sonny Tomic, Manager, Centre City Planning and Implementation, City of Calgary
  • Kris Vester, President, Slow Food Calgary

Mike Morrison

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  1. Thank you for winding up last night’s PecheKucha event! Given that I am an amateur blogger, this talk induced ‘hope’ of some sort in my quaking heart. A retired teacher, I am trying to find my way on a fixed income. I’ve always been called an artist and teacher, but harboured the secret of my first love, writing. Your talk was good for my soul! Pure magic!

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