First a special announcement: My column with Metro has been moved to Friday AND….wait for it…it’s now weekly!  Talk about exciting!


This week’s column is something that is about something very important to me.  If you don’t live in Calgary, you might not have heard that the Calgary Board of Education has decided to remove the mandatory second language requirement for students enrolled in their public schools. As someone from New Brunswick, I’m absolutely disgusted by the decision of the school board and I’ve decided to use my new Friday column to sound off on the CBE.

Second languages has always been something that I consider to be crucial for any student that is expected to excel in education. I come at this from a different place too.  In my LBB (Life Before Blog) I actually got my BA Honours in Spanish and then my B.Ed in Second Language education.I also graduated high school after completely twelve years of French immersion. I know the importance of studying a second language because I’ve studied it my whole life.

My hope is that a column like mine will get people talking about the importance of second language in public schools and hopefully, the school board will change their mind! This generation’s education has never been more important.  I hope you’ll agree.

Click here to read my column and if you agree or disagree, leave a comment on the Metro website.

Mike Morrison