So Erin and I’s visit to the mountains of Banff National Park have quickly come to an end. And while I didn’t see Kim Catrall we did see lots and lots of rain and even some snow.

The weekend was really great because it is always nice to reconnect with an old friend. It’s even better when the front desk staff of The Chateau Lake Louise confuses us with another Mike Morrison and sends up a bottle of champagne to our room to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Even funnier is getting a card addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Morrison. Ahhh my mom would be so proud.

Since it rained for pretty much the entire weekend (even though I still managed to sun burn) we spent much of our time catching up on all things TLC. And while I’m pretty sure the rest of the free world is familiar with John and Kate Plus 8, I was not. I had seen some episodes before but somewhere between John’s hair transplant, discovering that I have no problem calling Maddy (who is a 7) a major bitch and realizing that Kate is slightly abusive towards John, I fell in love with with this docu-reality show.

Erin was also happy to catch up with 3 hours of So You Think You Can Dance. This is when I began to realize that my crush on Cat Deely has reached completely unhealthy levels. She makes Ryan Seacrest look like Hitler. Or that Stalin guy. Or at the very least Kathy Lee Gifford.
Actually on second thought. The rain wasn’t so bad.

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Mike Morrison