This week, I tracked down now regular guest-blogger Michael Seater in Vancouver.  He gives us the low-down on all things Canadian west coast.  From cool pool halls to rock concerts, illegal somethings and everything in between.  Take a sip of 1516 beer and enjoy the country list of Michael’s favourite things!

1. Danko Jones – Caught the dark and intense rock show these guys put on at the Commodore on Friday. Met them before the show and they were such “nice” guys. Then they got on stage and shred the venue apart.

2. Soho Billiards – Divey lil pool hall in Yale Town. Fun times, beautiful bartendresses and weird conversation with some odd regulars.

3.1516 Lager – Good BC beer. It’s name is to “celebrate the landmark 1516 Purity law. The decree states that only four ingredients can be used when making beer: barley, hops, yeast, and water.” I concur.

4. Opus Hotel – I stayed at this nice lil hotel in Yaletown. Really great and attentive staff and they think about the little things; like a pez dispenser with turndown service. TIP: ask for a room on the 7th floor, the only ones with balconies.

5. Red Gate – ILLEGAL. Creep over to Gastown, find a red gate, unwrap the chain, go through the broken glass doors and the rest will be your story to tell…

6. Gastown/Water St. – Lots of cool shopping along this strip. Pick-up a Millburn printed shirt at the shop where Water meets Cordova. They print these shirts that are a modern play on Aboriginal art. That’s my jam, or pow-wow.

7. Antlers – Yeah, they’re trendy, but it doesn’t mean they’re not awesome.

8. The O.C. – Getting back to LA and staying with Adam Brody (the world is made up of the tiniest, most random circles) brings me back to my favourite show of my adolescence. Seth, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer will never get old to me. Always a classic.

9. The Fempire – A group of four screenwriter gals. I have a theory that if you took certain aspects of each of them and muddled them together, she would be the perfect woman. Watch their movies (but you probably already have).

10. Young Mickey Rooney – And completely out of left field; I have been watching some Mickey classics. Checkout Young Tom Edison and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The structure and pace was so completely different back then, kind of cool to see where films have come from.

Make sure you check out Michael tonight on CBC’s 18 to Life!

Mike Morrison


  1. Doubt I’ll get answer for any of these questions, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Anyway, Young Mickey Rooney was so cute. Though I can’t hear his name anymore without thinking of The Real Inspector Hound. I almost stayed at the Opus hotel once, I think- ended up staying at the old Fairmont in downtown. Best hotel experience eva! Especially considering how broke my family was at the time. I also just listened to a bit of Danko Jones- they sound awesome. You’ve got some damn good taste there Mr. Seater.

    Did you visit any of the numerous Asian malls in Richmond? Hope you come to Seattle some day in the future….

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