>Quick funny story:

Earlier this week my job brought me to Edmonton for a post-secondary fair for high school students. At this fair I ran into the recruiter for my Alma Matter, St. Thomas University. While talking to Lauren she mentioned that my name is actually used in the Prospective Students guide. Basically this guide is the main promotional tool used for the University to get new students. I was excited by this and wondered in what context my name was used.

I flipped to page 4 where it listed some recent graduates and their sucesses. On that list was a Rhode scholar, a lawyer, and RCMP officer and then there is me.

It reads:
Michael Morrison BA’o4, BEd ’05
Entertainment Blogger.

That’s what they put as my career!!!
I can’t tell if it is an insult or a huge compliment.
I think I’m going to take the compliment road. I mean sure I do have a day job, but they said it was boring compared to an Entertainment blogger. Man, I wonder what my professors must think!

Mike Morrison