Photo is from the stage at Loose Moose.

It’s the middle of February, have you quit your New Year’s resolution yet?

I’m still working a way on mine, but truthfully, it’s kinda easy and mostly fun. This year, it was to do exciting things. Sometimes I don’t do things because they might be too scary, out of my comfort zone or too expensive.

But 2013 is all about pushing the boundaries of what makes me feel comfortable, that’s why I signed up for Loose Moose Theatre’s Intro to Improv class.

Many of my friends were surprised that I would sign up for an intro class, after all, admittedly, I am pretty comfortable on stage. But acting is definitely not the same as Improv, in a word, it’s terrifying. But also awesome and most importantly, exciting.

I’m only one week in and so far it’s sent my brain on a tizzy of thoughts, questions and concerns, but in the best way possible.

So I decided to write about it for this week’s Metro column. You can pick it up on newsstands, or you can read it online. Click here to read it.

What will you do that’s exciting this year?

Mike Morrison