In a couple of months, Alberta will be holding it’s first provincial election in a few years.  As always, the Conversatives are expected to win big, but that doesn’t mean the excitement of an election is any less.

While I don’t consider myself Aaron Sorkin, I do like to follow politics and find elections particularly interesting.  For this week’s Metro column, I wanted to talk about the a trend that I’ve noticed across the country, but in particular here in Calgary.  It always happens in an election year that tv personalities decide to leave their TV jobs in hopes of winning the elections, whether it be municipal, provincial or federal.

I’m not sure why they want to run, or even if they should be running in the first place.  With my small 400 word limit, I did the best to figure out why TV personalities like Sandra Jansen and Bruce McAllister want to be MLAs.   And yes, I’ve already gotten hate mail over this one.

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Mike Morrison