Now that the Calgary Stampede is over, this city has already quickly moved to its next big outdoor party: The Calgary Folk Music Festival. And people, this is my favourite, mostly because it feels so un-Calgarian, sitting outside listening to great music, exploring Prince’s Island Park. If given the choice, I would probably tell people choose the CFMF every.single.time.

While the festival is great, it does have its problems, mainly The Tarpies.  Last year, I called them the Tarp Nazis and got in trouble for it, so now I have to call them Tarpies.  They are the ones that claim the best spots on the grounds, but then rarely hang out to listen to the artists.  If they do sit on their tarps, they spend most of the time talking and not listening to the musicians on stage.  So with the Folk Festival now upon us, I’ve decided to not let the Tarpies, who hog spots and rarely share, ruin my fun.

In my Metro column this week, I look at how we can live together peacefully…if only they’d start sharing.

Click here to read my column on Metro.

Mike Morrison


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