Drinking and theatre, growing up, I always thought they’d go hand in hand.  I think I thought by the time I was able to see the really cool shows, I’d like be equally as sophisticated as to have a glass of wine or scotch in my hand.  Okay, so I never did grow up to like scotch, but strict theatre rules here in Calgary and else where in Canada, usually means that you can’t bring a drink to your seat.

Shakespeare would be so disappointed!

This week’s Metro column is about why I think people should be able to drink when they are in their seats. But don’t get me wrong, I’m no alcoholic, I just hate chugging $9 of red wine, because I have to finish it before the show starts. Of course, there’s lots of people who’ll say that you don’t need to drink to see a show, I’d reply by telling them that they haven’t seen the shows that I’ve seen.

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Mike Morrison


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