What are you doing this Christmas season?  Whether you’re a parent, a teen, a kid (why are you reading this blog), or a senior citizen, chances are you’re going to be going to the Santa Claus parade…unless you live Calgary.

You see, I live in a city that for the past four years has not had a Santa Claus parade.  Every year the excuse seems to be different, but it usually comes down to money. There’s lots of reasons why not to have a Santa and none of them matter.  It’s Christmas, it’s Canada and we need one.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, in today’s Metro I give the city of Calgary ten reasons why we need to bring back The Santa Claus parade.

Click here to read my list.

And until Calgary actually gets a parade, can the rest of you send me pics of the jolly old man?  I miss that guy.

Mike Morrison

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  1. I’d really like to see the Santa Clause Parade as well. Seems like everything relative to Christmas is slowly but sure diminishing and I’m really sick of it. Pretty soon no one will remember what Christmas is or what it stands for. What happened to traditions, we used to have a bunch of them, but now there are only a handful. I would far sooner see a Santa Clause parade than a Stampede Parade to tell you the truth because at least Christmas stands for something. It is too late in the season for a Parade in 2011 but if we rally maybe something could happen next year.

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