You know me, I would never condone anything to do with the lame-ass Twilight series. The whole thing is ridiculous, but you either know this or you don’t, and there isn’t much I can do to sway your opinion.

But the one bit of sunshine of this series has always been it’s indie-hipster friendly soundtracks.  And with the new Eclipse movie one a couple of weeks away, you can now have your first taste of the stellar soundtrack, which if nothing else, features a brand new Metric song. (I’ll let you debate if this means the band has now and officially become mainstream.)

The new song is called Eclipse (All Yours) and it is happy enough to make Kristen Stewart miserable, but not depressing enough that you will contemplate calling your “special” counsellor. And for a song that is featured in such a depressing movie, I guess you have to consider that a win.

You can listen to the song here.

Metric is the only Canadian band featured on the CD, but canuck Howard Shore did compose the instrumental track called Jacob’s Theme.  Hopefully this means that the werewolf finally dies by drowning in his own tears.  That’s right, I know Jacob is a werewolf.

Mike Morrison