>Grey’s Anatomy. I used to watch this show because it was on after Desperate Housewives. But soon I found myself waiting impatiently through Susan’s antics just to see my beloved Izzy. Grey’s Anatomy simply put outpaced the whory housewives of Wisteria Lane.

But this show isn’t perfect. Although sometimes you wouldn’t believe, like me, it has it’s flaws, (shocking I know!). Last night’s episode wreaked of last years rockin’ SuperBowl episode. (Bomb go boom, Vajayjay, George’s foursome dream). I was confused to what the big disaster was exactly, it sounded like one of Seattle’s famous ferry boats crashed into a Freight Ship, or Star Jones..I couldn’t quite hear. Anyway, this episode for me had everything that I love and hate about G.A. That damn elevator was back last night, no Meredith didn’t get molested this time, but the chief did take quite the rousing from the Chiefs in waiting, but seriously how long was that elevator ride last night? For a minute I expected Willy Wonka to get on and watch the elevator break through the roof of Seattle Grace only to land in Meredith’s mom’s house.

Which brings me to my other issue with G.A. Christina and Burke. It doesn’t take Dr. Phil to tell me that these to do not belong together. They have been together since pretty much the first episode but I’m so tired of them! All they do is fight, over the stupidest things. Why is Burke such a baby?!? (How funny was it when Burke stated that “He had friends”. 10 bucks says that Isaisah “I hate Gays” Washington added that one himself.) Christina, you are a commita-phobe we get it, next please! Excuse me for sounding like an 80 year old jewish woman but..Sheesh!

But with the bad we have to take the good, scratch that…AMAZING! Our little slutty interns were sent to work triage, and all the actors were given great shining moments. Crushed-face woman was creepy, but her eyes told the story. And i’m just going to put it out there….Izzy meet dripping gasoline, dripping gasoline meet sometimes depressed millionaire surgeon Izzy.

The final scene leading up to next week’s part 2 of 3 (I read they are still filming part 3, its so huge) was brought to you by the amazing band Snow Patrol. (Megan give me your tickets!) Someone in that band must be pulling some strings because they always get their songs on the show and they always kick ass. (Last year’s season finale.) Anyway Meredith ended up getting kicked into the harbour. So if she dies, are they just going to call it Anatomy? Or…McAnatomy? I almost wish this had to someone else, because we know they are not going to send Meredith to hang with Denny in the big Hospital in the sky. She luckily falls under the “your name is in the title of the show, so you are safe” category. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek). Another point I would like to raise is the face that the kid that Meredith spent the whole episode taking care of just walked away, and not even at a brisk pace. This is just another reason why I don’t trust children. Where are they went you knocked into the harbour? No where to be found!

But I still do love me some Grey’s Anatomy and can’t wait for Part 2, but I swear if they end up finding an elevator in the ferry boat and meredith gets molested, we might end up breaking up!


Mike Morrison