Remember a couple of years ago, there was that really sweet movie about curling called Men With Brooms? It was pretty successful, by Canadian film standard,s and now CBC is hoping to recreate that success on the small screen.

It was just announced that CBC-TV has bought a season of the comedy, about a group of guys in a small-town curling club.

The story takes place a couple of years after the movie and yes, the pilot will feature Paul Gross, who starred in the movie. But since Gross’ lastest television project, Eastwick has been cancelled. I’m guessing the budding film director will be making more than just one appearance!

“It’s a really fast-paced thing and I think it’s actually pretty modern and funny,” said Mather, who is writer and showrunner on the series.

No air date has been set, but you can probably expect to see it this fall!

(via tv-eh)

Mike Morrison