Do you feel that chill in the air? Nope, it’s not winter, it’s The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

I started off liking the show’s first season (for what it was) but found the fighting between the women tiresome. I’m actually an early adapter to the Housewives franchise. I watched the O.C edition, which was then a sort of spin-off docu-series of the now defunct Desperate Housewives. It was fun to see how the “other half” lived. But as the franchise grew to incorporate more and more cities, the purpose of the show changed and it soon felt to be anything but real.

The first Canadian edition is still fun to watch, again, if that’s your sort of thing. But I’m hoping the changes the producers have made for the show’s second season, will make it more enjoyable.

Gone are Christina Kiesel and Reiko MacKenzie. They been swiftly replaced by Robin Reichman – A southern belle who calls it like it is, Ioulia Reynolds – A Russian-born beauty with a fiery temper and a quirky sense of humour, Amanda Hansen – A bad girl gone good, Amanda is a mother of three and a recovering alcoholic who has given up her partying ways and found strength in a life of sobriety and healthy living.

Not exactly shining examples of being Canadian, but they sound “fun” none the less, no?

Ratings for the show’s first season were HUGE. The series premiere pulled in 1.2 million viewers, Slice’s highest ever, and they never really went down from there.

For now, I’m planning to check out the show when it returns, curiosity always gets the best of me. My hope is that producers show us a little more of the housewives’ friendships, as they enjoying the high life, although I think cat fights and drink throwing will win out. It often does.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver premieres on February 5th on Slice.

Mike Morrison


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