The movie I have been waiting to see all summer finally opens today. This the last day of August. That’s right my friend Rob Zombie’s Halloween opens in theatres today and I cannot wait to find someone who will go with me.

My interest in the Halloween is a relatively new one. (I’m talking about the movies, not the actual day, I hate the actual day.) It was right around the time that the producers of the series decided to rejuvinate the movie on it’s 20th anniversary with H20 with Jamie Lee Curtis, My friend LL Cool J, Michelle Williams and Josh Hartnett.

People were excited about this movie and I thought it best to at least find out what all the fuss was, so I went out and bought the first three Halloweens because they were cheap on VHS. (remember those?)

I have no idea what I was thinking watching the original by myself. I hoenstly still get chills when I think about the first movie. Seriously why is Michael Myers so freaking scary (the killer, not the comedien)? He doesn’t even do anything, he just walks around with a silly mask and he doesn’t even talk. How scary can that be? Trust me. It’s scary.

The second for me was just as scary but eventually it takes you to Halloween 3: The Curse of the Witch. Which for the record has nothing to do with Michael Myers. Seriously nothing. At one point a security guard is watching the original Halloween. It’s like the studio has this shitty scary movie and decided to add the name Halloween to it hoping it would help it out. Honestly, it is awful. It is pretty much the movie version of R.L Stein’s The Haunted Mask. Ohhh goosebumps.

After that there was the deluge of Halloween movie before it finally took a break and that is when we got H20. Of course that rejuvinated the series and since then we have gotten two more Halloween movies.

But now Rob Zombie’s vision is in theatres and I bet it is going to be one scary mofo. Have you seen his other movies? They are so screwed up and I love it!

So who wants to go with me? There are several rules:

-You have to live or be in Calgary this weekend
-You must let me try to leave just before the movie starts, but not actually let me leave. (I always try to get the heck out of there.)
-You must be willing to share a large popcorn with me and we must put Salt and Vinegar flavor on it.
So…who is in?

Mike Morrison